Wuxi Hongqiao Hospital Introduction

Wuxi Hongqiao Hospital is a new modern hospital, the hospital has strong technical force, Shanghai Zhongshan, Ruijin, Huashan, the dawn, the Long March brought together major hospitals, internal medicine, neurology, surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, Hematology, Division of Gastroenterology,500 experts from more than 20 professional disciplines such as urology, dermatology, orthopedics, Liver Diseases Branch and lithiasis, professor, the first in the province to set up the first "Shanghai doctors consultation center tried to hospital construction Wuxi doorstepthe Specialist Hospital provides professional health treatment services for the people of Wuxi.

Wuxi Hongqiao Hospital opened medicine treatment center, surgical treatment center, minimally invasive treatment center, endoscopic, gynecological treatment center, obstetrics, urology treatment center, liver disease treatment center, Otolaryngology Clinic Center, gallstone treatment center, gastrointestinalclinic Center, anorectal treatment center, the TCM treatment center, rheumatoid Orthopedics treatment center and sub-health examination center more than a dozen clinical treatment center, including clinical biochemistry, pathology testing laboratory and medical imaging diagnostic center, including more than 10clinical medical departments, more than 20 professional disciplines and hospital beds, more than 100, all wards are on-star hotel standard configuration, and a dedicated VIP ward.

Wuxi Hongqiao Hospital has always been concerned about the dynamic of medical research at home and abroad, the first from the United States, Germany, France, Japan and Switzerland, the introduction of a large number of high precision and sharp medical equipment, including a large body CT machine, GE ultrasound, true color electronic colposcope, fetalheart monitor, Abbott automatic biochemical analyzer, Japan's Olympus gastroscope, automatic dental X-ray machine, France Leibo automatic microplate reader and other high-tech detection diagnostic equipment; Germany STROZ endoscope, digitized extracorporeal shock wavecrusher constant frequency resonance plasma treatment system, hysteroscopy, transurethral vaporization mirror, a new generation of RF ablation instrument, Supermicroinvasive the laparoscopic OKW therapeutic apparatus, in vitro shortwave treatment instrument, ED rehabilitation treatment, waveFarm light treatment, PPH stapler, high-frequency capacitance therapeutic apparatus, digitized anorectal treatment instrument, new CO2 laser treatment machine and Japan QK Nami Bo, Chinese smoked steam therapy device such as the world's advanced treatment equipment, hardware construction of the hospital and softwarethe construction has been a simultaneous development, modern general hospital experts gathered disciplines, state-of-the-art equipment.

Is located in Wuxi National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi Hongqiao Hospital, hospital construction area of 20,000 square meters, beautiful environment, convenient transportation. Class medical technology, first-class quality of service, first-class clinic environment is the eternal theme of Wuxi Hongqiao Hospital;-class team of experts, advanced medical equipment, medical and technical skills, family-medical services, reasonable fees, Wuxi and the whole Yangtze River Delta region and even patients at home and abroad to provide quality health care services is the legislative purpose of the hospital. Heart to care for your health, Wuxi Hongqiao Hospital is our sincere wish to become your most trusted health patron saint.

Hospital Address: Wuxi City Changjiang Road No. 150 [View traffic routes] Health Hotline 0510 -82,136,888